Citadel Neighborhoods

Explore the districts in the Starry AU, and see who can be found in each. Click on the image for bios, playlists, and fic links.

Headshot art by RickxoxoMorty

Explore the Starry AU Neighborhoods

Starry AU Regulars

Record Store Rick Radio Rick Crowbar Rick Newtonian Rick Hotline Rick Manager Rick Hacker Rick Vaporwave Rick Allen Miami Rick Music Morty DJ Morty Brother Morty Journalist Morty Unicorn Morty Rick & Silent Morty Punk Morty Miami Morty Dude Rick Wierd Rick Rick Jagger Rambo Rick Rookie Cop Rick Big Morty Garbage Rick Greaser Morty Dangerous Morty Loner Morty Reverend Rick Grandfather Rick Robot Rick Research Rick Casino Rick Dog Morty Nurse Rick Agent Rick Agent Morti Agent Morti Mr. Musk