Mortytown & Sanchez Heights

Morty Town is a sectioned off the neighborhood from Sanchez Heights notorious for crime and poverty. The Morty Town Apartments are subsidized housing complexes for Rickless Mortys.


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Neighborhoods & Businesses

Sanchez Heights
Sanchez Heights
Sanchez Slums, East Sanchez Heights

Also known as "The Heights" or "Sanchez Slums", this was originally one neighborhood that got sectioned off into two after the Mortys arrival. The two neighborhoods share a lot of businesses between them, but Rick's Tavern sits on the figurative dividing line.

Set The Mood

Slummin It In The Heights

Even though Sanchez Heights is the bottom of the Rick social class, Rick in this neighborhood still enjoy a marginally better life than Morty's.

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Rick Bottom

Morty Town is for all intents and purposes a failed social system of the Citadel.

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