The Tourist District

"The sugary sounds of the Citadel Radio broadcasted simultaneously throughout the business fronts and from the large speakers in the pavillion. The orchestrated show was unsettling in a dystopian society kind of a way, and D-66 internally groaned as he moved through the fabricated atmosphere.

The tourist district of the Citadel seemed to be flooded with a larger amount of labcoat Rick’s than normal. It must have been that time of Earth year where Ricks flocked to the Citadel to vacation with their Mortys. Lifers avoided this district like the plague, and for good reason. A labcoat was a sign of freedom."

From Diamond Dogs


A Meet the Main and Supporting Characters who appear in this AU. Click on the image for bios, playlists, and fic links.

Headshot art by RickxoxoMorty

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