The Wormhole

Rick/Morty/Summer, Rick/Rick, Rick/Morty, Rick/Summer, Summer/Morty, Morty/Morty, Summer/Summer, Kink Culture

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Fic Summary

"Don't shame it 'til you tame it, dawg."

Turns out the Creepy Morty is named after a Citadel Morty who has a reputation for being a little "Creepy". He's into anything and everything, but has a particular love for scat. He's a joint owner of the Wormhole with Summer Luv and Grandaddy, Together the intergenerational sandwich power throuple leverages each of their unique skills to run the business.

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The Wormhole Playlist

Named after the wormhole in S3 of Rick and Morty, I wanted to create an EDM club, where the music was wordless.