The Starry AU Ricksmas Collection

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The annual Starry AU contribution to Rick and Morty Events Secret Santa. Unlike the usual angst that the Starry AU is known for, this is a collection of wholesome fluffy oneshots. Updated every year.

The Ricksmas Tree

~7K Words, Complete

Rick wasn’t exactly thrilled to see the sudden seasonal snow start falling on the Citadel, but nonetheless, he signed up for the Citadel’s Ricksmas Tree event, longing for a change of pace. When he can’t back out of a Morty's impossible secret santa request, he decides to figure something out, before he ends up giving him a broken heart this Ricksmas.

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5k words

Rick comes home for the holidays.

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Gift of The Selfish Asshole

7k Words, Complete

Rick only had one thing of value that he could give up. A Rick and Morty Christmas special that plays on the theme of a holiday classic, "Gift of the Magi” by O. henry.

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Radio Rick's Advent Countdown

Radio loves emptying his sack on air.

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