Rick Work

Explicit Violence
Dedicated to Interdimensional Rorty, who has given permission to tell a story with their OC Bar Rick.

Characters in This Fic:

Fic Summary

Rick Owns and Runs a bar on in the Heights (Sanchez Slums) called Rick’s Tavern. He knows there is a shit ton of shady shit going on in his bar, but he runs a don’t ask dont tell policy. If anyone asks. This isn’t that kind of a Rickstablishment, and I’m telling you to leave. He has a roster of regulars that have formed a tight knit gang called the deep 6 (after an overdone grunge reference), but when you are at the bottom of the barrel there is a certain satisfaction that comes with being savage and petty and not giving a shit about it.

The deep 6 takes care of each other, while also dragging each other into their petty dramas (What else if family for?).

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