Miami Vice

Rick/Rick, Rick/Morty, Morty/Morty, Substance Abuse, Technicolor Noir
Dedicated to Smushed

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Cop Rick is a by-the-book rookie dealing with the loss of his partner. Miami Rick is a jaded undercover agent who has become more comfortable living the life of his alter ego. Will Cop Rick get pulled into the fast lane chasing Miami’s nightlife, or will Miami, remember what it means to slow down from sex, drugs, and the city he’s fallen so deeply for.

A pulpy technicolor noir about a "city" on the Citadel where the best fabricated undercover identity is yourself -- with all your inhibitions turned off and the volume turned up.

Don’t Think about it.

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This fic is a huge nod to Michael Mann's popular 80's show, Miami Vice, which defined much of the 80's hardboiled dectective tropes, and aesthetics. His movies are the cannon of detective movies which treated the city itself as a character. Miami Vice the RAM fic, has a unique Rick and Morty spin, but is a total love letter to his work.