The Guitar Man

Rick/Rick, Summer Fling

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Fic Summary

Radio Rick, the voice of Sanchez Citadel Radio, has grown bored of his stagnated life, and uses his airwaves to turn up the heat. While ushering the artificial season on his search for the feel good hit of the summer, Radio catches fire from an angry caller, and sparks up an explosive summer fling.

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Fic-Specific Stuff

Sanchez Slums If you're into the worldbuilding in this fic, check out Take me to Church! Or check out the About this AU page on this site. If you just wanna experience the vibe, Check out the playlist for Sanchez Heights Other playlists for Morty Town, SCR's Radio Station and more!

R, is that you?: This fic takes place before the events of Take Me to Church where R’s substance abuse and depression are much more onset. Readers will notice in this fic that R is angrier and overall less worn down by the Citadel. He is still willing to engage with it. I really wanted to use this story to contrast the situation R ultimately finds himself in.

Time Dysphoria: Time Dysphoria is fairly common on the Citadel, and R is one of the Ricks who continually experiences it. Time Dysphoria is similar to the presentation of PTSD, and R self-medicates to cope with it. This is something that TMTC doesn’t really overtly point out because R doesn’t talk about it and Morty doesn’t know about it. Radio Rick is going to see it for what it is in this fic, however.

Popular Culture

Welcome to Night Vale: Big Rico’s Pizzeria is referenced in this fic, and the inspiration for it came from Welcome to Night Vale. Radio Rick’s personality originally drew inspiration for Cecil Palmer. While not as dark as Rick and Morty, WTNV definitely dives headfirst into that existential absurdity of the Americana image being subtly fucked with ala David Lynch levels of sleight of hand.

Weenie Rick: Weenie Rick belongs to GhostyGooGirl. No spoilers. But there's a reason he works at the weenie stand around those yandere weenie wifes. There was a fandom thing and a song and I just needed to add him into the Starry Citadel somewhere. The Mo' you Kno'.

A Tale of Two Classes

Information Brokering: Most Ricks and Mortys have probably never heard of information brokers on the Citadel, but the data brokers have likely heard a lot about them. Bulk collection of personal data on the Citadel data is it's own thriving industry. For Radio Rick, who taps into every device tuning in, it was a natural business model

Illegal Substances on the Citadel: The layers of nuance in a capitalistic Rick-society get explored more in-depth in TMTC, but the short version is that drugs are illegal because it’s a profitable business model for Ricks.

The Guitar Man Playlists

The Rick on the Radio

Radio unabashedley and unironically enjoy's mainstream pop music, while R prefers songs of the past. CAKE, who did a cover of BREAD's classic 70's song shows what it means to be contemporary, while still paying homage to the past.

Sanchez Summer Sizzle

Radio Rick kicks off this fic with his "Sanchez Summer Sizzle" countdown. Turn up the heat.