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DJ Morty is just doing his best to make his new life on the Citadel work. He’s trying to break into the Mortytown hip-hop scene with his new mixtape when he gets mixed into a group of militant Mortys who are trying to bring change to the Citadel by whatever means neccesary.

A story about activism, creative expression, domestic terrorism, and the early influences and phillosophy of turntablism & Hip Hop.

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About This Fic

Morty Town
Morty Town
Morty Town

Morty Town is a sectioned off the neighborhood from Sanchez Heights notorious for crime and poverty. The Morty Town Apartments are subsidized housing complexes for Rickless Mortys.

What Is Turntablism

Other than something that makes your turnt, this is DJ Morty's way of life. Fullscreen these videos for the full experience.

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Morty Mixtapes

Morty's Mixtape

1. What time is it? (The Traffic Jam Report)
2. Express Yourself, -- Ft. Reverend Rick DMC
3. First Morty, (2nd Me)
4. Teen Life (Straight outta Mortytown)
5. Check Yo'Self B4 U Riggity Reck Yo'Self
6. Freestylin' in Yella (2 Legit 2 Quit)
7. Jeez, Please (Morty Got Back)
8. Spinnin
9. R-I-C-K
10. Math Wit'out Numbers (Insane in the brain)
11. The Notorious B.I.G. Morty
12. Hidden Track: Pizzaluvin'