Club 322

Rick/Rick, Mystery, Speakeasy, Power Dynamics

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Fic Summary

There was something indescribably exquisite about creating the lush liquor that glowed with the same emerald richness of the portals that were mostly banned from use within the Citadel. Subversively selling the rebellious ideal, and keeping its image alive – elevating a Rick's own iconic addiction to a timeless form of art.

Club 322 had earned a certain reputation as the hidden treasure of the entertainment district, covetously tucked away in the shadows of the Citadel underground.

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322 Playlist

Because Club 322 is a front for bootleg portal fluid, 322 references the prohibition speakeasys of the 1920's America (and the musical styles of that era). There's also a few Gatsby references for sure too. Post Modern Jukebox because it's a nice contemporary spin.