Collection of Short Stories
Dedicated to Melpster

Characters in This Fic:

Fic Summary

Manager Rick doesn't have one of those... whatever the other Ricks call them --character arcs. If he did, it wouldn't have been an arc so much as a oneshot. He isn’t looking at the limited horizons of something better on the Citadel. Instead, he's just trying to be grateful everyday, for the short in-the-moment adventures he has.

Good Vibes Only.

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Love letter to the bodega

24/7 is a love letter to the bodega, corner stores, and mini-marts which become centerpeices of communities. Locals often know the owners and workers by name. Bodega Cats are an important part of the bodega culture, and Bodega Cat morty will be a reoccuring character throughout the collection of short stories.

Good Vibes Only

Manager Rick's upbeat playlist focuses on finding the value and meaning within the things that matter to you. Like his character, it's a very in-the-moment playlist, because it's too painful to look back.